Best places to get your drama fix on the internet

Who doesn't love to watch a thread descend into a dumpster fire? There's so much joy in watching a tweet get brutally ratio'd, or reading a chaotic series of screenshots. At the end of the day, an episode of Gossip Girl can only go so far, and it's just never as satisfying as the wild hellscape of internet conflict.

If you have time to kill and plenty of WiFi, here are six places to get your fix for messy, messy drama. 

Reddit's main subreddit for relationship advice is a gold mine for messy drama of failed romances and broken familial bonds. The Twitter account @redditships curates the most cursed posts from the subreddit, from a significantly older girlfriend complaining about her teenage boyfriend's masturbation contests to someone trying to convince their partner that the Cheesecake Factory is good. While the posts themselves are certainly bonkers, the real drama comes from the comments — in the most controversial posts, you're sure to find the spiciest call outs for terrible partners. 

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